Smoking Policy

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Mansion Smoking Policy

As a private club, The Mansion provides you the freedom to choose a smoking or smoke-free (or combination) environment for your gathering — only if you have an exclusive for the entire mansion. While we support the responsible use of fine cigars and cigarettes, we also recognize and accomodate all of the diverse needs of our members. To that end, we offer a state-of-the art air circulation and purification system that allows for constant clean air throughout The Mansion.

Whether you prefer to smoke or not, our exclusive, luxurious surroundings are the perfect place to enjoy an evening, however you choose. No matter where you are; the amnesia room, the wine cellar or your own private residence, our members are invited to relax over conversation, a cocktail, a smoke or whatever your heart desires, in the privacy and comfort of our exclusive club.

Did you know?
We had a birthday party where the host was born in 1933, and served wines from that year. The sommelier and the guests had an extraordinary evening!

Mansion members are welcome to savor the elegant surroundings while they relax and enjoy the camaraderie of others who share their enthusiasm, in a hassle-free environment.

Cigars are permitted with exclusive club floor rental only.

Smoking room for non-exlusive rentals can be rented for $500/event.

Smoking is not permitted in bedrooms or meeting rooms, unless you have an exclusive on the entire Mansion. a fine of $1,000 will be assessed for non-compliance.

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"It was a hoot and a holler. 3 of us landed up at the Mansion for a Monday night HH, little did we anticipate the madness and adventure that followed. From the hunting loft to the cellar rooms, secrets and quirks abound and no better way to explore the enigma than with a couple of glasses of Cava to drink smoothly as you wander around this amazingly cavernous adventure zone!"

— joseph praveen